Successfully Building a Better Future
The future is built on a solid foundation

As one of Afghan Canadian and international most respected employee-owned Construction, Mining, Healthcare, Logistics, Finance, Education,Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Consulting companies, Cancorps stands at the forefront in delivering innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions in the Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial sectors. We think forward.

With over 15 years of experience in the construction, mining, healthcare, Logistics, Finance, Education,Manufacturing, Supply chain, and Consulting industry, we are known for our steadfast commitments, solid relationships, and industrious work ethic. We are resolute in our promise to always deliver above and beyond. We rise above.

What We Do

At our heart, we're a diversifiedconstruction, mining, healthcare, education supply chain and consulting company made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries. All are working on designing, building, transporting, operating, and maintaining projects all over Afghanistan, Canada, Turkey, the UAE, and the USA. In other words, Cancorps is the partner that your project needs. From modest to massive, we move it forward.

About Cancorps

Cancorps is defined by the dependability of the sun rising. Think Forward. Rise Above. Those words reflect the daily philosophy by which we work at Cancorps. With every project we undertake, we do so with the understanding that we have the vision, knowledge, skills, and ability to generate innovative solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.

As an employee-owned company, we take great pride in our work, and our clients consistently reward our successes through repeat business. Strong leadership, innovative thinking, and a solution-focused approach are winning combinations that have served us well throughout history. Our success lies in our ability as a team to blend our diverse expertise to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Health and Safety

At Cancorps, our priority when it comes to safety is to make sure everyone gets home safe at the end of the day so that we can work together again tomorrow. While fulfilling our legal obligations regarding Acts, regulations, guidelines, policies, and procedures is essential, protecting those working on any projects site is our paramount concern.

Training, job planning, and information sharing help us prepare for the tasks at hand. Our goal is to remove the element of surprise from every task by identifying all foreseeable distractions and implementing procedures to control or eliminate them. We think forward.

We also understand that regulatory guidelines represent the minimum required level of achievement. To provide protective and preventative measures for our workers, we must exceed those levels. We rise above.

Think Forward and Rise Above: This is how we do health and safety at Cancorps.

Cancorps Sustainability Philosophy

Just being Green is not enough!

At Cancorps, we hold ourselves accountable for the sustainability and stewardship of the community and the environment in everything we do. We believe in our responsibility to the well-being of future generations. We think beyond the immediate impacts of our projects to the communities they serve, the ecosystems they impact, and the social benefits they provide. We employ Green Initiatives on all of our projects. We strive to minimize any potential negative impacts of any operations through extensive planning and creative thinking.

Family is of critical importance to our company. We are family-oriented, and as such, we encourage and support the health and well-being of both our employees and their families. We implore all employees to live strong, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyles. Our commitment to health and fitness extends to the support of corporate and community teams and healthy community initiatives.

Concorps is socially responsible and believes in giving back to the community. We take pride in being a strong, unwavering supporter of the Children Of War Foundation and numerous charitable organizations and work to inspire our employees as well as other members of our community and industry to provide their support.

Working At Concorps

Cancorps is a company with clarity of focus.

We have been honing our reputation as a professional team of reliable employee experts for over 15 years. This collectively took strength, teamwork, and innovation – without ever losing sight of our commitment to quality and service to our clients. Our vision is to be a Construction, Mining, Healthcare, Logistics, Finance, Education,Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Consultingservices companyproviding superior quality through superior service and the constant pursuit of excellence.

Rewards and Recognition

Cancorps knows that each team member is an integral asset contributing to our collective rise to success. As our team grows and takes on new challenges, our open and collaborative leadership philosophy allows for regular recognition and appreciation of every team member.

We recognize our outstanding team members with awards that allow their exceptional qualities to shine through:

Cancorps recognizes that being a leader in promoting health and safety is not only about having a clear safety record; it is about education and attitude.

Our proactive approach to safety ensures we provide ongoing educational opportunities in technical safety knowledge and leadership skills that drive our safety culture.

How our supervisors interact with all project stakeholders on the jobsite is just as important. We take a collaborative approach to managing our safety program.