Land Freight

Cancorps land freight tool/platform focuses and specializes in the movement or forwarding of freight from one place to another by land transportation. Land freight includes roadway by trucking or ground transportation, including commodities, merchandise, goods, and cargo transported by road or rail.

Cancorps Land Freight Services:
  • Utilize all types of land transportation: LTL (Less Than Truckload), FTL (Full Truck Load), Container Drayage.
  • Maintain multiple carriers to ensure the best low costs and transit time.
  • Offer move visibility for your shipments.
  • Operate in almost all zip codes and cities in Afghanistan and the globe.
  • Offer accessibility via local transportation networks across the globe.

Find shipping quotes with assistance from freight experts at Cancorps. Receive real-time quotes, competitive pricing, track shipments, communicate with your carriers and all points of contact, and manage all deliveries and shipments in one place on our easy and dependable land freight platform.