Lithium, Copper, Talc, and Mineral

Cancorps mining is a privately-owned and self-invested enterprise with the aim of developing the Lithium, Copper, Talc, and Mineral resources of Afghanistan. As one of the leading mining companies in the region, we are engaged in exploring, developing, mining, and processing industrial Lithium, Copper, Talc, minerals, and non-ferrous metals for the global market.

Cancorps's exploration department is engaged in extensive exploration of the lease area for other industrial minerals and non-ferrous metals to increase the value of the mine. Afghanistan's economy has recently taken significant bounds and continues to improve. In light of this, one of Cancorps's core policies is to work closely with local communities to increase the standards of locals by creating job opportunities, achieving social development, and contributing further to the local economy.

Cancorps Mining expertise is as follows:
  • Underground
  • Open surface
  • Placer mining
  • In situ mining