Renewable Energy, Transmission Line, and Sub-Station

A Century of Powering Kabul:

Cancorps Power is the country's largest integrated power utility, and our solutions are powering change in some of the biggest cities in Canada and Afghanistan.

  • Our reliable and innovative products have powered Kabul to remain the commercialcapital of Afghanistan and have worked in Ontario, Canada.
  • Efficient transmission, distribution, and energy innovation ensure that power requirements are easily met.
Robust and Reliable Transmission & Distribution Systems:

With over a century in the power industry, our expertise runs from substation design and transmission design to grid modernization services and engineering, procurement, and construction projects.

The way we power our world continues to evolve, but our goal is the same — power our communities. We work alongside you to navigate complex regulatory requirements and emerging technologies to deliver reliable power.

A Strategic Approach to Grid Modernization:

Several emerging trends are fueling the need for grid modernization, including aging infrastructure, increasing intensity of natural disasters, advances in technology, and transportation electrification. Modernizing and expanding transmission and distribution systems is no small undertaking. No matter what your project entails, we have a team of experts ready to keep your projects moving forward.

  • Asset Management
  • Distributed Energy Resources & Small-scale Generation
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Planning & Design
  • Energy Storage & Distributed Energy Management Systems
  • Relay Protection & Control
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Resiliency & Grid Hardening
  • Substations & Switchyard Design
  • Transmission and Distribution System Analysis & Planning
  • Transmission Line Design