Improving student outcomes, increasing access and affordability, and enabling new academic research across the entire education ecosystem. Cancorps's focus is on improving education and employment outcomes for all to create a more prosperous society with equal opportunity and enabling new research that builds stronger communities and improves the environment.

Cancorps is committed to improving lifelong learning opportunities and outcomes around the globe specially in Afghanistan by collaborating with clients on their top-of-mind issues while always keeping equity at the forefront. Our teams include former teachers, institutional leaders, policymakers, and researchers with deep expertise across all levels of education from early childhood and K-12, to higher education and workforce development. We serve education institutions and systems, governments, philanthropists, investors, service providers, and vocational training providers, complementing our hands-on work with original research to allow us to better understand the sector’s toughest challenges, and build new capabilities to help solve them.

How We Help Clients

Early childhood education and K-12 school systems

We strengthen early childhood, primary, and secondary school systems and institutions to improve learning and child well-being in order to achieve rapid improvements in learning outcomes and equity.

Higher education

We help higher education stakeholders reimagine the future by designing and implementing strategies that improve student outcomes, enable more and better research, enhance operational and administrative performance, and ensure financial sustainability.

Workforce development

We prepare people for the future of work by designing, improving, and transforming workforce development systems, placing a premium on equity, inclusion, and the elevation of underserved communities.

Investors, philanthropists, and service and technology providers

We work with companies and investors, applying innovative support services and digital tools that strengthen teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom, which increases the overall effectiveness of school systems and higher-education entities.


Strategy and implementation

Partnering with public and private entities, we create strategies that drive measurable impact informed by the unique needs of each institution. Our collaborative approach maximizes the odds of success, increases the pace of execution, and builds internal capabilities and ownership for lasting change.

Organizational and performance transformation

Working with educational organizations of all types, we help drive transformative improvement in student outcomes, institutional innovation, and financial stability. Our comprehensive approach focuses on execution excellence, capability building, and organizational health, which enables our clients to achieve and sustain superior performance.

Education venture building

Imagining, build, and accelerate ventures to scale and improve education and employment outcomes to deliver capabilities that enable our clients to repeat the process time and again, bringing together the world’s top educators, designers, operators, and other experts across all sectors and geographies.

Partnerships and mergers

Supporting organizations looking to enter a partnership or merger with another institution by helping clients assess the potential, design the structure, and ensure the long-term success of the new venture.