Irrigation System (Dam, Irrigation Canals, water yard, earth dam, etc.)

Cancorps and Cancorps partner is a world leader in water projects. We have built over 50 dams worldwide, in fifteen countries on four continents.

The company is internationally renowned for implementing the latest specialized technologies in the construction of dam and water projects. Through the years, the firm has contributed to the well-being of hundreds of communities worldwide, vastly improving power production, water supply, irrigation, and flood-control systems and fostering significant environmental improvements.

Cancorps acquired extensive experience building dams of different types and materials. In vibrated concrete embodiments: Gravity features, Counters, Arch-gravity type, and Vaults; in Roller Compacted Concrete (HCR) are examples of Gravity and Arch-gravity; loose materials and have experience in homogeneous reservoirs, dams, and clay core rockfill walls, dams, and earth shoulders and asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Cancorps also has extensive experience in constructing hydroelectric power stations, Irrigation canals, pumping stations, irrigation ponds, and storm ponds. We have built hundreds of miles of waterways, including water tunnels and aqueducts, irrigation water networks, water supply, sewage, cooling power plants, and pipelines.

Cancorps also participated in projects to recover the riverbanks, introduce environmental improvements in the waterways, and restore rivers in urban areas.