Vertical Structures (Building)

Cancorps is more than just a construction company. We are a team of builders passionate about bringing your vision to life. We love every step of the way, from the conceptual to getting down in the dirt, covered in paint, hauling the lumber to perfecting every last detail. We are dedicated and pride ourselves on going that extra mile to make sure your construction project is a success.

Irrigation System (Dam, Irrigation Canals, water yard, earth dam, etc.)

Cancorps and Cancorps partner is a world leader in water projects. We have built over 50 dams worldwide, in fifteen countries on four continents.

The company is internationally renowned for implementing the latest specialized technologies in the construction of dam and water projects. Through the years, the firm has contributed to the well-being of hundreds of communities worldwide, vastly improving power production, water supply, irrigation, and flood-control systems and fostering significant environmental improvements.

Cancorps acquired extensive experience building dams of different types and materials. In vibrated concrete embodiments: Gravity features, Counters, Arch-gravity type, and Vaults; in Roller Compacted Concrete (HCR) are examples of Gravity and Arch-gravity; loose materials and have experience in homogeneous reservoirs, dams, and clay core rockfill walls, dams, and earth shoulders and asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Cancorps also has extensive experience in constructing hydroelectric power stations, Irrigation canals, pumping stations, irrigation ponds, and storm ponds. We have built hundreds of miles of waterways, including water tunnels and aqueducts, irrigation water networks, water supply, sewage, cooling power plants, and pipelines.

Cancorps also participated in projects to recover the riverbanks, introduce environmental improvements in the waterways, and restore rivers in urban areas.


From paving driveways to major highway contracts,Cancoprs provides road construction services. Our crews are fully equipped to handle any size job with projects ranging from roads to bridges, parking lots to channel stabilization.

Public and Private Sector Capabilities:
  • Road and Highways
  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • Grading and paving
  • Excavation and demolition
  • Underground utilities
  • Park development
  • Parking lots
  • Concrete works


Bridges and Structures:

As one of Canadian Afghan largest bridge contractors, Cancorps provides a full-service approach to rehabilitation and new construction of bridges, highway, pedestrian, and rail structures, and other transportation structures to meet the growing public infrastructure demands.

  • Bridges, Roadway, Pedestrian, and Rail Bridges
  • Concrete Structures
  • Structural Rehabilitation
  • Heavy Civil Dismantling and Demolition
  • Bridge Deck and Pavement Management
  • Project Management
  • Construction-related services

Retaining/Protection Walls

Permanent Retaining Walls

Cancorps provides many engineering and aesthetic solutions for permanent retaining walls faced with indigenous vegetation or crushed stone. Our system of geogrid and welded wire form provides long-term stability. Cancorps can also be used to reinforce permanent retaining walls that are faced using Segmental Retaining Wall concrete blocks.

In highway construction projects where temporary retaining walls are often necessary, we provide geogrid reinforced wire-faced shoring walls.

Planning and Urban Development

Our collaborative planning practice produces long-term strategies that position communities for success in every aspect of the urban experience – from day-to-day living, learning, and health, to major transportation and infrastructural growth. We're designing the next "world-class" cities.

Drawing the blueprints for tomorrow's cities

Crafting a balanced, future-forward vision for a community, neighborhood, or entire city is no small task. Every place has its own identity, but all our plans strive to adhere to the same guiding principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and technological connection.

A Complete Range of Planning Capabilities:

Cancorps brings a wealth of experience and service offerings in urban design and planning projects, including:

  • Comprehensive plans
  • Land-use planning
  • Public outreach
  • Research
  • Economic analysis
  • Master plans
  • Resort master plans
  • Transit-oriented developments
  • Urban design

Design and Build

Under the Design-Build Method, the Contractor and Architect/Engineers are allied and work together to serve the owner. The owner, along with Cancorps and the consultants, works as a team to designand build a project that satisfies the owner's needs.

The CancorpsDifference

This TEAM approach generates the best ideas from your team members and eliminates the tendency to blame the other guy if a discrepancy occurs. Team members focus on solving problems rather than placing blame.

Civil Engineering

We're well-known for providing custom engineering solutions to challenging projects. Our experience across many disciplines offers you a broad perspective of diverse infrastructure and facility needs.Albert Einstein once said that "scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been." Our multidisciplinary engineering experts embrace the opportunities to push boundaries and create new frameworks that can transform communities at many scales. For more than 100 years, we've created the water, sewer, road, and electric systems that modernize communities. Today, we design integrated systems, sustainable infrastructure, and intelligent buildings that optimize operations, maximize cost savings and reduce the incidence of failure.We believe in a commitment to function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability.We're able to adapt to changes in our environment as well as technology, so no matter the circumstances, we see each project as an opportunity to maximize your investment, reduce life-cycle costs and ultimately improve our communities.

Drawing the blueprints for tomorrow's cities
  • Building Data Management
  • Civil
  • Fire & Life Safety
  • Geotechnical
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Process Automation
  • MEP-Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
  • Smart Buildings
  • Structural
  • Surveying
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Value Engineering


Creating Places to Stay for ALL:

Over the past couple of decades, our building business vertical has created high-end luxury homes for some of the most prestigious communities. This milestone was achieved by bringing to play our expertise in design & build, using quality materials, and equipping the edifices with ultra-modern home automation systems. Even in the realm of affordable or mass housing, we have a decisive edge thanks to our modern construction technologies, use of sustainable materials, decades of experience, and domain knowledge. A healthy combination of turnkey & design-and-build capabilities, new & more efficient construction techniques, avant-garde technology, precast technology, and remarkable finishes are reasons for our sustained leadership.

Office Spaces

Creating State-of-the-Art Places to Work:

We have the capability to design and build world-class IT infrastructure – software development blocks, IT & software parks, techno & business parks and built-to-suit IT offices ready for people to come 'plug-and-play.' Residing within our Buildings business vertical, we have built many of Canada and Afghanistan's finest commercial complexes and green buildings thanks to our strength in core technologies, the know-how of architectural and structural design, optimal interior systems, use of high-strength concrete, complete electromechanical works and office automation systems. Our expert architects, consultants, and engineers deliver durable and long-term benefits by incorporating efficient energy, environment & water management, and safety systems through the combined expertise of different engineering disciplines and the right technology mix.

Renewable Energy, Transmission Line, and Sub-Station

A Century of Powering Kabul:

Cancorps Power is the country's largest integrated power utility, and our solutions are powering change in some of the biggest cities in Canada and Afghanistan.

  • Our reliable and innovative products have powered Kabul to remain the commercialcapital of Afghanistan and have worked in Ontario, Canada.
  • Efficient transmission, distribution, and energy innovation ensure that power requirements are easily met.
Robust and Reliable Transmission & Distribution Systems:

With over a century in the power industry, our expertise runs from substation design and transmission design to grid modernization services and engineering, procurement, and construction projects.

The way we power our world continues to evolve, but our goal is the same — power our communities. We work alongside you to navigate complex regulatory requirements and emerging technologies to deliver reliable power.

A Strategic Approach to Grid Modernization:

Several emerging trends are fueling the need for grid modernization, including aging infrastructure, increasing intensity of natural disasters, advances in technology, and transportation electrification. Modernizing and expanding transmission and distribution systems is no small undertaking. No matter what your project entails, we have a team of experts ready to keep your projects moving forward.

  • Asset Management
  • Distributed Energy Resources & Small-scale Generation
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Planning & Design
  • Energy Storage & Distributed Energy Management Systems
  • Relay Protection & Control
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Resiliency & Grid Hardening
  • Substations & Switchyard Design
  • Transmission and Distribution System Analysis & Planning
  • Transmission Line Design