Creative Solutions to Project Challenges:

Our economic, finance, and grant specialists team provides objective, independent analysis to help you make data-driven investment decisions that meet budget objectives, strategic goals, and service commitments. Transparency and open communication facilitate understanding and collaboration. You'll have a clear picture of our key assumptions, data, and methods, including funding from private sources such as value capture programs and public-private partnerships. Our process incorporates clients, stakeholders, and the public at large.

Strategies for Economic and Financing Success in Multiple Markets:

We integrate our unique economic tools and approaches with engineering and architecture disciplines to define the right alternatives. We have the expertise you need, from maximizing revenue streams and securing new, dedicated revenue to navigating constantly changing federal funding and financing opportunities. We've helped inform investment decisions for highways, railways, transit, complete streets, ports, airports, hospitals, tunnels, research facilities, and water supply and treatment facilities.

We can help you develop projects with the greatest social, economic, and environmental benefits.